The End of Game Widget and it’s techniques

Personally, I believe that the End of Game Widget is one of the least talked about and used devices in GKC. Because of this, it could have lots of undiscovered Qmechs and properties that we just never thought to look for. All research is welcome!


After like 15 mins of research ive discovered that the End of game widget can connect with
23 out of 42 devices


The End of Game Widget is part of the Orange Classification. :orange_square:
It cannot start a wire. :no_entry_sign:

I think that every single device that can start a wire can start it with this device :grin:

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I think it’s one of the least talked about because it has a singular use, it’s easy to use, and there isn’t anything special about it lol. I really cannot think of anything you could do with it other than ending a game.

You’re thinking of the End Game, which is blue.

I have never touched either of them, I apologize for my mistake lmao

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bh hasnt touched a device :0

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[determined to crash my game with bananas for some strange reason]

I won’t question it.

Are you able to activate multiple end game widgets at the same time for global?

correction, 2 devices lol

how is this game so tough over 50k bananas aren’t even budging it lol
200k and growing 0.o
300k now
400k wonder if it will reach a mil b4 it crashes
1 MIL !!!
Screenshot 2024-04-12 11.10.52 AM

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I think so, I did it in my battle Royale game…

Please be on topic.

Name a time you need to use the end game widget in a 3D renderer lol

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Just look at the item limit on here.

If you can have multiple end widgets open at the same time, what is the maximum you can have active?


You can grant yourself WAY more than 1,000,000 bananas before the game doesn’t let you grant more at once.

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