The Easier Way to Set Properties [1/10 🟩]

Did you know there’s an easier way that uses less memory to set a property?

And it’s really easy to do! All you need is a counter and the property you want to set.

Setup the counter to update your property.
Set the starting value to what you want to set the property to.

When you want to set the property, just reset the counter. You can do this however you want, a wire, a broadcast, it’s up to you!

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  1. You found the easter egg! :egg: I put these in all of my guides, but it’s difficult to add it in a mini-guide lol!
    What you should do: reply to this telling me how much you like (or hate) this guide and put an egg emoji at the bottom of your reply! ↩︎


I would add how IIMs can update properties easily as well…
Nice guide though! :egg:

I agree 100% could be better

IIMs and Player Coordinates: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

(actually idk if player coordinates has that option but i swear it does)


I totally did not know this omg
This is totally something new

You can. If it’s just for the purpose of updating a property then that’s very inconvenient.

little off-topic but could you check the WarioWare post?
(I don’t have direct messaging so I need this)

oh yeah! I learned this from a YT vid, about time someone made a guide on it! great job!

I would suggest turning this into ways to set your properties

then include the IIM, the coordinate system like Kosm0-o and mysz said. Also maybe include block code if this is going to be “all the ways” lol

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I love this guide!

I’m going to update this with the suggestions I’ve been given. It won’t be a mini-guide I don’t think it’s going to be a mini-guide anymore though.


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Don’t update it. Counters are superior because they don’t show the player irrelevant items in their inventory, and they are lower memory. I’d advise you to keep it the way it is.

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