The Camera View: Why You Should Use It đź“·

Okay, here’s my first topic like this: I can’t say this enough–and I don’t care what anyone else says—the Camera View device is one of the top 10 devices you can ever use for any map! It has so many uses! Let me explain why.

Why :thinking:

First of all, nothing is clearer than this: When you reach a certain area, you can only see it from a single perspective, and sometimes it’s just plain old dry. But with this amazing device, you can get closer to anything! It can create functions that no other device can.

Although this device has no functions besides it’s original purpose, it’s truly amazing. If you think I’m exaggerating, please know that I’m being totally serious right now. The device has just been starting to be used, but it should have been a long time ago.This is half-biased, half-truth.

Secondly, there are so many games that can benefit from using this device. I’m not going to give you any examples because I don’t want to give away any ideas, taking away from this topic’s original purpose. But since I want this topic to be completely understood, here are some examples of games that wouldn’t exist as strongly as they do know.

  • Among Us– I mean, the game has about three different aspects that need this device.
  • Detective Games– Have you ever thought of going up close and personal to find things?
  • Tag Zone– You can use your common sense to understand why.
  • Hide & Seek– C’mon, it makes this classic game even more fun, if you play the Roblox version, but not advertising the game.

Those are just a few examples. That’s not all.

In Conclusion :grin:

So, in conclusion, I’m just saying if you can, use the Camera View device more. It is the easiest and most fun device to use, and if you think I’m crazy, oh well. Have critical comments about this lengthy and possibly unneeded :pinching_hand: Device Announcement :pinching_hand:, but please consider using this at least once in your life. Thanks for reading this serious and possibly unforgettable guide.

Please read this again, if you need to.


this is a great guide! i always use camera views in my games! :slight_smile:


And nice guide Cail


Thanks, people need to read this!

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I :heart: camera view

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There have already been guides on the Camera Device and have been flagged for a reason. They are explained perfectly fine in the TUGTED and this isn’t a psa.

Well, what is it considered as? By the way, this isn’t a guide.
And there are guides similar to this which are considered as a psa.


@California_Love psas aren’t allowed anymore

I thought forum PSAs weren’t allowed, I was told GKC ones were. :expressionless:


they are, but they need permission. also, this isn’t a guide, I put it in Devices as it’s about a device.
also, I never heard of people saying it’s underrated, they just say not to make a guide on it as it has no settings.

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Yeah, you’re right. But this isn’t even a PSA


If this was a psa, then you could just slap that tag on any guide as they help the community.

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And yes, @GimSolver, you are right. The Camera View literally has no settings except for changing size. A guide isn’t really worth it.


Only thing that you need to configure is the boundaries.

i agree, but it still has some use :slight_smile:


:face_exhaling: I thought y’all would say this. Let me remove it then…


yes, we never said it didn’t. People misinterpret simple and no need for a guide to useless. It totally does have a use.


Yes, thank you!!!
And so that means we wouldn’t need guides like this? It’s like mine…


I totally agree with you, The use of camera views are very VERY useful.


didn’t someone make something similar to this and get absolutely obliterated for it?

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