The C.O.P.S. Way On Powerups [WIP]

shouldn’t you use a poll instead of a checkmark?
@Pandapants2000 why did you remove the poll?

i removed the poll, and it’s because WHY WOULD YOU USE A POLL???

  1. you can tell who is editing
  2. you won’t get pinged every time it changes
  3. less people will randomly click it
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Can I edit this? I have an idea for a few.



I think caternaught made his own wiki now that he is a regular

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Yes, this can be edited as it was made for this purpose.

why is there two now? this one and:

Because they became regular idk why they made another one its just the same

I think @Caternaught wanted the wiki to be made by him now that he can
for one the likes will go toward him

eh the extra guide is pointless [because it’s a repost] but oh well


I actually forgot about this guide when I posted the other, I was like “what guide should I make?” And just that popped in my head


check your padlet

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