The C.O.P.S. Way On Powerups [WIP]

This is a Guide For Caternaught as he is not a regular

Is somebody editing?

Wiki Rules
  • Please don’t edit unless told in the replies
  • Please don’t make any edits that violate the TOS or FAQ, remember, anyone can
    see who edits a wiki and what part they edit.
  • Please be responsible.
  • Everyone, please don’t edit when it is being edited.
  • You can politely ask in the replies to edit.


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the title…
please fix the title.

Thank you!

This is going to be a guide.

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Its for caternaught, he needs a wiki so i made one for him, and your welcome!

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a guide about caternaught’s wiki?
please put what you’re making in the title.

it wont let me change the title, so can you change it to “The C.O.P.S. Way On Powerups”?

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this is going to be a guide later, since I am not a regular I asked wolf for it.

… sorry wolf but can you get rid of the “?” and the quotations?

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that was me. I just quoted what you wrote.

Yeah and @GimSolver it was to make it easier for caternaught to find, but its changed now.

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Yeah i took out the “?”

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I removed the quotes


Thank you!

just added wiki rules


How do i add a checkmark? instead of a poll i wanted that

well, a checkmark, someone can undo it and you can’t see who is editing.

yeah true a poll is easir to manage and see.

oh, ok. thanks for the advice