The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Power Ups

Welcome! Welcome! Today we launch into space with my first guide as a regular! This guide has a series of powerups made by many creators and contributors.

Sprinting Powerup

How to be a Sprinter

Powerup: Sprint

Here is how you make the Sprinter

  1. Make a game overlay
  2. Wire it to a speed boost
  3. You’re now sprinting

This powerup makes you super fast which can be funny when people are trying to catch you.

Powerup By: @Coolcaden26

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Title of Powerup


Write the Tutorial here, ex. below:
Here is how you make ____
(Provide Steps to the powerup)

  1. Do this
  2. Do that
  3. put the finishing touches


Write the explanation for the powerup here (ex. Below)
This powerup does this (mind blown)

Powerup By: @your_name_here




great guide. LOL

this wiki gonna get lit

Why must this be a wiki? Just because you’re a TL3 doesn’t mean you need to make a wiki.

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So people can contribute to it.

  1. Infinite edit time
  2. Help on finding these guides.
  3. Ideas hub

There is already a wiki on this:

I made a wiki so people can contribute and it has infinite edit time

The guide above is about the same thing and is already a wiki.
This guide is the same thing just with a different author.

that wiki was made for @Caternaught they wanted to make it themselves now that they can


Can I edit? I have some cool ideas.

can I change a few things to improve the wiki?

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what do you want to change?

a few things like making the poll so you can see who is editing

yeah. ok

Can I edit?

caternaught went offline

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Dang, now I’ll never know.

There is no point of akign their own as the other was a wiki and had the same subjet.

we can close the old one if we have too
it’s caternaut’s choice the wiki was made for them