The Build-pleassian Guide For Names

So there are people out there looking for names for their games (rhymes wth), right? Here is the Build-pleassian Guide To Names!
Each type of game will be separated into categories. (Note: This is my parting topic before I become part of the Skeleton Crew, a group of people that still periodically visit the forums during the summer.)

First Part

Kingdom: Medieval, Kingdom
Tycoon: Clicker, Factory
Farm: Farm, Garden
Survival: Trial, The Games
Battle Royale: Tournament, Battle, Royale
Spleef: Spleef, Loose
DLD (Don’t Look Down); DLD, DLU (Down → Up)
Tag: Tag, Cheese Touch (You don’t have to, just funny)
Prison: Jail, Dungeon
Dungeon: Gimgeon
Geometry Dash: GD, Dash of Geometry (Again, just funny)
Many Endings: Timelines, Story

Second Part (Optional)

These will connect with the First Part you have chosen:

The: Farm, Battle, Tag, Jail (Jail the, not likely to be used)

Of: Kingdom, Clicker, Factory, Farm, Garden, Trial, The Games, Tournament, Battle, Spleef, Tag, Jail, Dungeon, Gimgeon, Timelines, Story

Third Part (Optional Optional)

This can be custom, like Timelines of Fishtopia

Hope you enjoyed!
I mentioned the Skeleton Crew earlier, and I’d like to see if any others are joining.
Are YOU joining?

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uhhh, i guess this guide is useful.

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seems about everyone would probably be doing that.
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nice list of names, but try adding adjectives too