The Basic Biome Building Guide

I was stalking the forums like I usually do, and I came across some posts about biomes. So, I decided to put my few cents on the table about biome building.

Also, I would like to mention what these are listed in order so you can experience the full step-by-step guide on biome building.


First, you need to think about what your biome is going to be. Is it a village? Is it the arctic? Is it a mineshaft? Is it a mountain?* Brainstorm. What is it going to be? I can’t really help, but you can create a help post for it.

*I like the concept of a mountain, but it’s not very… possible at the moment because it’s going to be weird to create altitude in a world where you can’t jump. That’s for Don’t Look Down (DLD).


One of the most important aspects of your game is where to put your biomes. For example, you’re not going to put a dry grass biome/savanna* in the middle of a beach, are you? And you aren’t putting a literal mine in a FARM-TYPE MODE, ARE YOU? You get the gist. Put biomes where they should go.

I would also like to point out that if you’re having a village, you can put it in the arctic, grassland, dry grass biome, grasslands, Tenebris, etc. However, you aren’t going to have a village in a mine, are you? Sure, there could be civilization in a mine, but you are NOT putting a village in a mineshaft**.

*I don’t know how to describe it. There are also other biomes with a ground like dry grass, but I was listing one example. Also, coincidentally, I was also listening to Savannah by Diviners.
**I would call you guys Minecraft addicts, but I don’t want to call Jeffo’s attention again like how he had to edit my infinite energy/item granter post.


Now that you’ve been planning, it’s time for the fun part. Time to build! I only have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Find a reasonable size.
  2. Be careful about the wall limit.
  3. Don’t overlap with other biomes unless you have planned for it.
Biome Contents

Really think about what is going to be in your biome. Props help make your biome look alive and lively. Interactive features, such as fishing and farming, are also quite good. Also consider if the things you have in mind have props that fit the theme. If you can’t find any, be creative!

For example, I created a “Purplelands” biome where the ground, water, and trees are purple and pink. So, I added purple grass, water, and trees because they fit the theme of the biome. Purple! I also made a dry grass biome, but I put in gray water. Gray water doesn’t really fit the theme, so I have to change it now.

This was more “interactive” than I thought it would be, so sorry about that if you’re used to the usual tell-them-what-to-do guides. But then again, there’s always that one quote:

If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he’ll eat for the rest of his life.

-Lao Tzu, but I modified it a little


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Nice guide!

Nice Guide!


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Good guide!

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Nice guide @eiqcrmeliutgwhc

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Great guide! Very helpful but in some places it seems unclear.

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it’s not meant to be “I tell you this, you do this” it’s supposed to be like “here are some suggestions, you let your creativity guide you”

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Oh, ok! Sorry about that and like I said, this is really helpful!

bump and update: advanced version out now

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