The Alternative Zipline

Original guide by Lolo here:

Been a long time since I’ve released a guide, right? Well, this is a working zipline that doesn’t need all those buttons and properties! It’s just buttons, wire repeaters, and teleporters!


First, you need your zipline setup. Place down two metal poles on each side of your… cross… thing. Anyways, then make a metal pole, rotate, then tint it black or something. Just note that this can be time-consuming if you chose the wrong metal pole.

Regular Zipline

Just a zipline and no other things.

Materials Needed


If you didn’t read the intro, here are the materials. Note that I didn’t list the amount of items you needed because you can have as much as you want in a zipline.

  • Teleporters
  • Metal poles
  • Wire repeaters

So, I forgot about this, but you also needed two speed modifiers.


  1. Place down your button and wire it to a teleporter (button pressed>teleport player here). Also, you need a speed modifier set to 0 and wire the button to it too.
  2. Wire the teleporter to a wire repeater with a small delay (player teleported here>repeat the wire pulse). Don’t make the delay too large!
  3. Now wire the wire repeater to another teleporter (when the repeater receives a pulse…>teleport player here).
  4. Repeat to your heart’s content. Just don’t make it too long!
  5. At the final teleporter, wire it to a speed modifier to get your speed back to default.

See? That wasn’t too long or hard, was it?

Advanced Zipline

This zipline includes a handle. That’s the only difference!

Materials Needed

…preferably two for each handle.


  1. Follow the regular zipline guide.
  2. Place down your metal poles to make a tilted, upside-down T for handles. Look at the photo below for a reference. Also see the note below this section.
  3. Wire the button to hide the first handle (see above step).
  4. For each of the wire repeaters, make it so it hides the previous handle and shows the next one (you can probably tell what the previous and next handles are).

Note: It is important that you place the “handles” above each teleporter. Also, the first handle should be at the beginning of the zipline.

Final result:

Can someone tell me how to make a numeric/average poll?


You could just use a speed modifier, with a barrier (tilted), on both sides so they can run themselves and they cant run off.

oh yeah… but that destroys the advanced zipline

OWWWWWWW (just got my toe stuck in my chair’s wheels)


wait, you can tilt barriers now??

btw nice guide bro

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Nice! Way better than mine lol.

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It was in a recent update.

les go

It doesn’t destroy the advanced zipline, you place zones and when the player enters the zone, it activates the handle above them. Also, why do you need speed modifiers? They don’t increase your teleportation speed

so no one breaks the zipline



eiqy, I broke the zipline.

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how dare you

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Nice guide, this is a cool idea.


how do you make multiple options on a numeric/average poll?

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Maybe Step

but then, people could just select multiple options and break the difficulty

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sorry about that, the difficulty poll is here:

Overall Difficulty?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
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