Text Dialogs (chars)

WITHOUT Popups, how do i make text that are dialogs (like they dissapear for 4 seconds, then a new one comes up.)?

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No, not notifications, just like the first gif in this guide

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Player enters zone → Show text
Text shown → Trigger (4 sec delay)
Triggered → Hide text
Text hidden → Show text
repeat the process.

The way I did it in the guide was uh… was I made it so the counters would activate the next one to the next one and I had made the next counter disappear the first one and so on

And hey no autographs please for which its my guide :smirk:


You can’t wire the text from the beginning.


then wire what showed the text, in this case it was the zone.
player enter zone - show text
player enters zone - trigger

(use the same zone for each.)