How to: Repeatedly Decrement a counter | Difficulty 1/10

Like Usual I have my words before explaining, This may help people with many stuff
Like this for example
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Decrementation of counters have so many possibilities which is why I made this guide

For you pranksters, Code is invalid and illegible

Counter Decrementation is pretty much a timer countdown that has many uses like the one I showed

But lets get started
So your going to need repeater and obviously a counter

first you need to go to repeater and make it look like this

Now wire it to the counter

And thats about it, now you have a repetitive decrementing counter

Before you say ¨hey repeaters waste memory¨, I Dont give a fly about that

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I know its either 3 so please choose


Nice guide but can’t you just use a trigger?

;-; its a timed action thing not a trigger thing

and this is not supposed to be directed directly at my example

Timed action can be under a trigger, delay it to how far you want and make it to do the same for other functions.

Its not its just a thought, trigger is able to be timed, which is why I am asking.

well here I am explaining a counter specifically

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Nice guide!

Nice guide! Thanks for using gifs as an example- it helps!

This guide is redundant to many guides here that use this kind of thing as a subroutine. It is very basic and unnecessary.

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I had spent hours looking at guides to see if they didnt involve this

So Im a bit annoyed now

triggering counters over and over is a basic system used in timers

it is very common in timer guides

it also is used in a whole bunch of other guides where a property has to change repeatedly

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