Tetris map, left, right controls?

I’m trying to make a Tetris map, but I need to figure out how you can make the blocks move and turn by using arrow keys or w,a,s,d.

you can, but it will be like a trigger thing, not a typing on a keyboard.

maybe zones would work?

Refer to this guide

In it uses joystick navigation to simulate that movement. Simply have the player be covered up by a barrier like they were never even there

You wanna do a colaberation? I’ve discovered you can’t make it exaactly like Tetris. I discovered I might have to even make my own pieces, so that’s not good, but I’m using Triggers. You can see my guide on the first one:

Don’t bump it. It was holding all my ideas at the time, but I may make the next guide in 3-5 weeks. Also, because it’s Tetris pieces the key “w” won’t do anything since you go up.