Tetris, cause' I felt like it


So, I decided to make Tetris in Gimkit through a text display and a joystick thing. I imagine this includes lots of complicated maths and blocks, but I will try to make it happen. I hope you guys can reply with lots of help.

Pinging Smart People:

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This isn’t asking for ideas

What do you mean?

You know, when it comes to making Minigames I think the best approach is to start on your own, and when you get stuck, ask for help then.

So, is there anything specific you are struggling with?


I haven’t been able to even think of a way to make the movement of the Tetris blocks or collision.

but this is for help

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Well… I would start by figuring out how to do that with normal code first. I would probably just google “How to make Tetris”, and use that as a base.

As for implementing the algorithms into gimkit, you could store each row as a property, and run checks on those properties that correspond with the Tetris algorithms.


Cool, I’ll call this a solution for now, but I might come back with other topics.

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