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Hey, so two questions. I’ve been making this game called Gimkit Territory. There are two teams. Basically the goal is to own as much land as you can before the time runs out and the team with more area owned wins. The zone is marked by a pole, if you interact with the pole and answer a question, your team flag is hung. Marking your territory. The other team can interact with it to steal your territory. I would make a system where whichever team owns the most amount of zones, you win, however I don’t think you can do that. (If you can, plz let me know). Anyway, I have 2 questions so far.

  1. Since there isn’t a way to “own” zones (or if there is let me know), I want to make it so the game tracks the win by how many flags that team has. Can someone show me how to do this? I don’t know how to put this into the game or how to do it so the teams ``possess that flag”. Btw the flags are medieval, red is team 1 and blue is team 2.

  2. I programmed the pole to change to a flag when you answer a question at the pole. But how do you program it so the other team can change it or have a different color in the first place when placing a flag on the pole. (I’ve seen a flag in the device area but I don’t know how to use it really. Maybe that could help?)

Also i’m like a day new so if this is really obvious, I apologize.

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  1. Maybe create a counter-linked property and every time the flag is taken the property goes up for a team by relay.
    EDIT: W instruments

Sorry my head is breaking with a mechanic thing I’m making so can u explain number 2 in dummy language?

lol fr. that sounds really good, but I am kind of confused, plz elaborate or explain further.

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ye, just a sec. I need time to write

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So basically in the game, when you answer a question a pole turns into your teams color. Red or blue, (medival flags btw). But I don’t know how to have the flag change into the color of your team whether its blue or red.

Okay so u need:
x1 property; “flags”
x1 relay
x1 counter
all the flags u have.

Get a counter and go into the property settings of it. Make it so it updates the property. Make sure the property type is numbers. set relay to specific team. make a channel, “pickup,” that transmits when flag captured make sure to do this for all flags. on the relay connect channel, “pickup,” that receives on relay when receiving on. Create a channel on the relay called “capture” and transmit it on relay channel. Connect the “capture channel” to the counter so it receives on increment counter when receiving on. Now go to map settings and change the leaderboard type to property and choose the flags property.

Since my brain hurts from my mechanic I’m making, as told above, please tell me if it doesn’t work and I will edit it

for the second question how many spawn pads per team are there?

Must be really complicated, good luck. I will tell you

just 1 per team. (putting this here for 20 characters)

The mechanic I am making is Simon says and if yk clicclac lemme just say he doesn’t even want to make it

  • u can put lowercase letters in these: <> ; to hide text and get rid of chars

2nd Q. Have a trigger on top of each spawn pad. Make the trigger available to the according team. Create 2 properties, “Team1” and “Team2.” Make sure that the property scopes are set to player, they are true/false type, and default value is false. For the Trigger make sure the max amount of triggers is 1. Go to the trigger’s blocks and create a new block.
Block code: Set property: “Team1”
------------------- Value: “True”
Do the same for the 2nd team’s trigger but change the property in the code to “Team2.”
Now wire all the questioners to new triggers (not the ones used above). You can change the settings if u want but if u leave them default it should be fine. Now create a new block for each of these triggers.
Block code (to create an else if go to the settings of an if block and drag and drop else if on the bottom of it):
If: [get property “team1”] = “true”
do: broadcast message on channel “f1t1”
else if: [get property “team2”] = “true”
do: broadcast message on channel “f1t2”
(End of block code)

“F1T1” = flag 1 team 1 or “f1t2” = flag 1 team 2. So you would have to change the flag number every flag.
Now on the flag props, show blue flag/hide red flag on channel “f1t2.” Show red flag/ hide blue flag on channel “f1t1.”
Hope it works!

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BTW there are way more memory efficient ways to do this but I think this is pretty good for game quality. EDIT: Sh00t… anyway I have 2 different ways for more memory efficiency. 1 has same game quality other doesn’t

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Sry, still testing it out, I will tell you. its fine I have a lot of memory

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Where do I put the new triggers?

Should all the questioners be connected to one trigger btw?

wherever u want near the questioner it is wired to. make sure a player cant activate the new triggers and it is not visible

no separate triggers per questioner

This is DEFINITELY not obvious. (sorry just read over the last line of your topic post) I wont be back for an hour or so… or tomorrow idk

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