Territory Game help

That’s all right, I will keep working on it, but rq what does ftf1 or ftf2 mean?

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nvm, I got it. sorry

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alr, I don’t quite understand the F1T1 and the flag numbers and such, plz explain when you get the chance. Ty for all this.

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basically for every flag set there will be channels. The channel name just indicates the flag number and the team number. the team number will never be higher than 2 bc there are 2 teams but the flag number depends on the number of flags. Ex. say there are four flags then you would have 8 channels. the 8 channels would be: “f1t1,” “f1t2,” “f2t1,” “f2t2,” “f3t1,” “f3t2,” “f4t1,” “f4t2.” Note that these don’t have to be the channel names it is just more organized. Hope this helps u understand!

is it okay if I make a guide on this? btw if so I will put you in the credits for getting idea. I can see why u wouldn’t want me to (concerning the fact that this is a unique idea no one has made yet that ik of)

uhm make this a guidline if it isnt nice work on it


ye wdym??? I do need help

What is nice work???

I meant was make this a community made guidline because it could help people and also I said Nice work because u did a good job

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Hello. I am back now. Did everything work out? Also could u uh answer the blurred question?

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Oh I see it now. ofc, you can make a guide.

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Im a little confused on the FTf1 stuff, can you clarify that?

what exactly about the channel stuff are you confused about?

It’s a channel? (Im sorry if it was obvious,) Also I didn’t see that you responded sorry

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So both teams, no matter what, if you answer a question. both flags pop up. Im going to check everything again. Are you supposed to wire anything together?

Does this look right? for the questioners trigger?

Which team should I set the relay - all players on specific team - for your first response?

For the relay set it to a specific team. For the wiring, yes you wire the questioners to its corresponding trigger (question answered correctly → trigger trigger). The block code looks right