Terrain tip & tricks

Sorry, please don’t reply in here!

Maybe credit this guide? And got any tl3s? To add the Wip thing to the title? Also the code is working so you might wanna cross that out…

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Ohh that guide didn’t show up for me on the similers

And what do you mean by “code”?

The thing in your pictures your game c0de

This is sort of a duplicate guide. so if you can see if you can add this to one instead of making another.

Oh I should remove that…

I’m sorry, but there’s just too much tips about terrain.

Please refrain from doing this.

Oh and this has to be removed to the device section…

this is now in devices please mark a solution
in the future note that similar guides is not reliable to check for dupes the best way is to search by keywords

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If you added the code by accident, just try not to do it again in the future. Also, there are already a million terrain guides - a new one should only be added if a new terrain is made in GKC.

@Foxy, plz check the Padlet.

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