Teleporter not working

I’m making an among us hide-and-seek map and I’m using teleporters a lot. In the first part of the map, whenever you go through a teleporter, you die. any help? (btw, all of the teleporters have wires in them that are bugged, the other ones work.)
In the video, the respawn device was connected to the button as a joke (this is hide and seek among us so like in the game, it didn’t work.)

tell me if the video has issues playing

that doesn’t help with my problem

Place a Trigger on the Teleporter and wire it to a Respawn Device.

Triggered > Respawn Player

If this won’t work and you already know how teleporters work, place a teleporter on the target that has the name of a teleporter group.

I don’t want people to respawn when they go through though

I thought you wanted to kill them?
What exactly are you trying to do?


go to that link to see the video. I want to not die when I go through. The only device I have linked to it is an item giver and team switcher. (this also happens on my other maps)

1: The link doesn’t work.

2: Then just remove the respawn device?
I’m confused on what you want to do.

sorry I’ll get the link working, and the respawn device doesn’t have anything to do with this, I said that because It was visible in the video

Can I see your devices, wires and channels?


There, I requested access.

shared, sorry im really bad at getting videos onto forums… :grimacing:

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Is the teleporter wired to a respawn device?
In the teleporter you died in, may I see your wires in it? (innit)

the teleporter is not wired to a respawn device,

team switcher

Team Switchers automatically cause death.

Check this similar post:

ill delete the respawn device in case that may be glitching out

Ok TYSM that helps. I’ll also fix my other maps too

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