Technical Gimkit

So, when I joined the forums, after being frustrated by playing maps that had decent mechanics but had horrible art, I became mainly an art person (despite my programing background). Recently, I’ve been doing more programing again (and am currently working on something for Gimkit- more on that soon) and got inspired to take it to Gimkit. Long story short, I’m moving away from art (as some of it is becoming spam and likely won’t help anyone anyway) and want to become more of a technical person. Hopefully, I can eventually contribute to clay-institute. Anyway, do you guys have a place I could start learning advanced technical stuff? Any recources are helpful. Don’t know if it helps, but I have experience with both Python and Javascript.


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You could start with AUO, and the quantum mechanics post.


Just start by tinkering with devices and getting to know what each device does. It’s really nice to instantly have a device for the solution pop into your head.

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