Technical challenges?

so yeah i need a challenge ive tried comparing boolean properties together without block code almost had it but was missing conditions (i wanted to use a checker but that would´ve been too easy) but anyways technical challenges anyone?

Counting how many players enter a zone at any time and then end the game when there are no players able to enter the zone. Nobody has solved this yet, so go ahead and try to make this happen.


Really? It feels super simple to solve. (Maybe I’m over confident lol)

Also wym by no players are able to enter the zone?

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Let me rephrase this:

  • How do you end the game when all players on a specific team enter a zone?
  • You would have to consider that you’ll never know how many people on that team so you probably can’t use counters for a specific number.

Just get another counter to soft lock it, thats what I did.

So increment counter when player enters zone, decrement when player leaves zone, target is 0. Make it, so when it reaches it’s target, increment a different counter, and that different counters target is 2, when reaches it’s target, end game, right? I think that’s what your saying, California, hopefully?

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I know you’d say use live player counters but they never work so I want somebody to sort of make another breakthrough.

wouldnt a player scoped zone updating a global scoped counter that updates a property work? hold on ima try this but first i gotta go to biology so i´ll be offline for a bit

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Also, only a specific team will be able to unlock a door to GET to the zone.
So consider those circumstances and maybe try another idea?
Thanks for trying to help, y’all.

So like, a last to leave the zone challenge? Like Mr beast?

I have a way. It’s a hassle to explain tho. Relay for all players, and all players increment the counter. Then, when a player enters the zone, a player scoped barrier appears behind, and the player decrements the counter. The target is 0, so once everyone has made it to the zone, it ends.

You could use this guide, and change the relay to team. How to make the game end at 1 player! 1/10. (No property or block code.)

Maybe I could have a relay that increments a counter for all players on a specific team, which updates a property called GameEnds? Then, use a checker that checks for the property GameEnds, which triggers a trigger. Then it sends a message to end the game? Maybe?

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I think we’re both (kinda) thinking the same direction. I’ll test both ways and I’ll get back on this and display my results.

Heres how. Make a relay to all players on a team, so the counter gets all of them, like a player counter. Decrement when player enters zone, when target is 0, end game or do whatever action you want.

That’s EXACTLY what i was saying pretty much.

oh, my bad, didnt realize, i’m horrible at understanding complicated things. (can’t tell if your angry, or just trying to inform)

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That sounds easy.
I should try all of them.
Thanks for y’know helping.
Also, if it works, just know I’m immediately making a guide about it.
But I’ll make sure to credit y’all.


I’m not angry. I don’t get angry with people here, cause I’m just that good. Kidding, but nah, it’s fine.

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If you need basic info, there is this, I think it’s a good guide to help what your doing, it has very similar info, like counting players with a relay, and you can remix it a bit, I know your pretty good at GKC, so you’ll be fine.

Aww, thanks.
Nobody has ever noticed that.
I’ll try this.