Team switching problem tag game

At the start of the tag game I am making, there is 20 seconds for people to choose teams. Is there any way to make a cap on the 2 teams so that it is fair depending on how many people are in the game, and then if they haven’t picked a team yet it will put them into a random team. The problem is at the start everyone is team 1, and after picking, taggers are team 3 and hiders are team 2. Can anyone help?

You can make the buttons deactivate when pressed and then you can make it activate the other team button. Both buttons are active on game start.
For example:
Joe picks the hiders team. The hiders button deactivates. Then Bob picks the taggers team. The taggers team button deactivates and the hiders button reactivates.

After the 20 seconds, have a relay for team 1 that is triggered. When the relay is triggered it triggers a team switcher set to random team.

I was lazy on this.

That first bit would work with the buttons activating and disabling but for the second bit it would start putting them on team 1 or 4+.

then have it trigger a randomizer and 2 team switchers. the team switchers would have team 2 and team 3.
randomizer guide:

you can also go to map options and have it auto set Which is the easiest option
Yes I know it just to rember in case he forgot or does not know

he wants the people to be able to CHOOSE teams