Team Game overlay?

I want to make a game overlay for one team to use and not the other. For among us, only imposter can sabotage lights.

First, make sure the overlay isn’t there at the start of the game. Next, place a lifecycle. Make sure it’s set to Game Start. Then, place a relay. Set it to all/random player on a specific team (It doesn’t really matter unless you want multiple imposters. In that case, set it to all players on a team.) Set “Team” to whatever team the imposter(s) is on. Connect the lifecycle to the relay and the relay to the game overlay. (relay trigger> show overlay)

Thank you so much I almost didn’t add sabotages but I can now!

By the way, I checked your account and I noticed that it’s new. I recommend you to read this post if you haven’t already:

Thanks I’ll be carefull. This should 5th. :thinking: