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Currently working on something called “bloodlust mode”, the way I want it to work is by, pressing a button that makes it so when someone is knocked out they switch to team 2. do you guys know how I could do that?

Lifecycle that watches for player knockout then when activated use a team switch to switch to team 2.

that was my first thought as well, but when I tried I realized they lifecycles cant be activated or deactivated

Let me think about this.

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also i did also try with a knock out manager but I must have the wrong settings

Is the “someone” a specific person?

yeah why?

That’ll make it more confusing for me.

i know exactly how you feel man lol

If you give the specific person and item and track that item when lost on knockout then when the item is lost the person switchs to team 2. If this doesn’t make sense I’ll go into more depth.

ahh that’s why you asked, the “someone” is going to be anyone who gets knocked out sorry for the confusion

@Sandgod - Have a button trigger a trigger which then activates a knockout manager that tracks knockouts which then switches the team.

Wait, I’m stupid - You don’t need the trigger.:rofl:

@Sandgod , It should look like this (the ko manager should be deactivated on start)



If this works please mark a solution

i have it just like this and it’s still not working

Show me your ko manger settings @Sandgod

let me check

AHHH, I’m having the same problem too

it’s weird right?? it should work

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