Team assistance

use a knockout manager. wire it to a team switcher (if this was already said, sorry, i don’t feel like reading all of the responses)

nvm, i read the responses

Whyyyyyyyyy gimkit we did nothing wrong😭

THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL :smiling_face_with_tear:

are they being knocked out, or respawned? Also, are they already on team 2? (possible reasons why its not working)

I found out what’s going on!

The knockout manager isn’t working at all!

I need to get better at reading, i’m sorry. i’m creating clutter

Read the first post.

activating the knockout manager

like so

how is the manager not working it should be all right

how is the person being knocked out?

I made it so it would give me an item but it didn’t do that!


and what team is the person on originally?

I said that already @GimSolver

Like I said @GimSolver

they’re originally going to be set to team 1 but we just have it so if anyone is knocked out they’re sent to team 2 (including anyone on team 2)

ok, now how is the knockout manager not working