Taking Screenshots of Gimkit Maps the Right Way

So you know how you take a screenshot of your map, and then you block out the code, you get annoyed over the buttons covering up your work, and all of that?

Well, there is an easier way!

[Note: This was done in Microsoft Edge, so the menus may look different on your computer.]

Right click on the screen once you have the right view. Don’t worry about the code or buttons on your screen.
Hit ‘Save Image’. [or copy image to save it temporarily.]

The standard download menu for your device will come up. Name the file whatever you want to name it.

Now, when you want the picture, import it from downloads.

You now have an image that is literally an exact copy of what is in Gimkit, but without a code or buttons!


You can also use Snipping Tool but isn’t this a bit off-topic for a guide?


No, as it is about Gimkit Creative, just a tip to improve the experience.

I used the snipping tool before, but the issue with that is you still have to work around the code.


You can just crop it out or use the pencil thing
true though


Thanks so much there are a lot of bad images that aren’t cropped right.

I’m not on a computer, but anyways…


I feel better off with my screenshot keys since inspection is limited for school computers and If theres something I dont want in image


Bump time…

[use a similar message everywhere because I’m lazy]

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bump because i see people’s game cod3s and real names everywhere


You should tell them another character can joinn type in the code to enter the map (the player and the host are the same person) but in the nickname bar, copy the text from this site, Invisible Character - (‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ㅤ) Blank Text Copy Paste, and paste into the nickname bar, making your name invisible, so you wont have that pesky name-tag ruining your screenshot

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That is interesting, and would be a good thing to add, but I am past my edit limit for this post.

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Its only been 22 days (sorry my iPad keyboard ran out ofbattery and I have to write with an Apple Pencil (

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I’m not a regular. For more about that, read my bio.

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isn’t the t l2 edit limit 30 days?

Nope, only 7.

The TL2 edit limit is 30 days.

Also, the web capture feature is currently only supported on Microsoft Edge. Not on Chrome or Firefox.
This means this guide is limited to a small group of people.

This is the article showcasing the features of Web Capture:

wow ok


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This also works on ChromeOS (the OS schools use for student’s school chromebook), thankfully.

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