Taking a Screenshot of Gimkit Maps --> The right way (Chromebook version)

I just saw CassiusDoomlorde’s post about gimkit maps, and I also saw @twofoursixeight’s comment below about chromebooks. Since it was limited, I decided to make a similar version to what cassius did, except for a chromebook.

(There’s no images because my files are blocked for some reason.)


  1. Press the right Ctrl+Shift+the 6th key on the topmost row. (or the window key(I’m not talking about microsoft windows))

  2. Start at the top left corner and drag it the frame over until it hits the opposite corner. Crop it so that it doesn’t hit the purple buttons in the corners. Scale it down so that the gamecode is hidden.

  3. Press Enter or click on the “capture” button to take a screenshot!

Hope this was helpful!
Credit to @CassiusDoomlorde

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for chromebooks, you could just hit ctrl+that window key and crop it using the images thingy

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The issue with this is this is just a screen snip, unlike the other thing which is copying the entire screen of the Gimkit map.

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This doesn’t really have anything to do with GKC but ok.

Just a helpful comment.
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