Tag and capture notified at bottom left corner

whenever I tag or capture in gimkit’s capture the flag, the notification sends out to all the players (like when a sentry knocks out a player.) How do I do it like, that?

hey @WolfTechnology can you help

umm hook a notfication bar to the flag and have it send global when the flag is taken?

When do you want to send the signal?

no like how do i make it that notifies like when a sentry knocks you down

like this
Screenshot 2024-03-20 12.57.52 PM

Try this:

(Lifecycle) When a player dies → Broadcast Channel [Channel Name] → (Notification Device) Broadcast message “Sentry knocked out [Player Name]”

I don’t know if this works but its always good to try

ok ill try that! thanks

Yeah Look at this post it shows how with images and it uses blocks.

no i mean how do I make it show when someone tags someone else?

hm, maybe try this? I don’t know if it’ll work but we can try

Yes lostsea3 that is how u do it if you need help any more contact me I’ll be on here occasionally.

i was not the person asking for help but thanks for confrming i didn’t give the wrong info