Help with Notification

I’m making a CTF map and when a person gets the flag a notification is sent but I need help with putting the person’s name on the notification.

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Use blocks!

so you make a notification and go to blocks!
then go to when receiving channel (whatever channel when the flag is picked up) and put in THIS

This should work, if not tell me

Also use a relay! (all players on other team)

This guide explains it more in depth! check it out!

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I tried that but it was my name not the person that got the flag.

were you the person who got the flag?

yeah but i tested it on 2 tabs

then there is no problem right? which tab got the flag?

did you use the other person to capture the flag? if you got the flag, you triggered the notification, meaning your name will pop up.

This is the tab that didn’t get the flag

The name in the Notification is the player’s name.

try this

Then it will only work for team 1

Yes, because if it were team two there would be a different notification: "triggering players name "picked up enemy flag, help him bring it back to your base

then what about if team twos flag gets grabbed?

then you would need a different notification, exactly same thing, just different teams for the code