Survival Island Ideas

1st update day/night cycle removed new needs: I need somthing better for a palm tree im just using a normal tree rn and I want a way to make bridges that is relistic hopefully and ppl to rate my island and lobby Lobby Images:

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For the day/night cycle, you can place blackboards with a slight transparency (if that’s possible) that are tinted black around the map, then use a timer to turn it on/off.

You could also place a black barrier with collision off that covers the whole map.

That is difficult but I also found a way without the blocks I can hide use some vendings and a propt and some buttons and note i did say this before but if I do need help like in the game its self the code will not be shared here or in public

For the shelter, make a vending machine grant an item when you purchase from it alongside the shelter. At some point of the game, have a checker that checks if you have the item. Connect the checker to a teleporter (if check fails, teleport here.) Place the teleporter in the cage.

wait my friend gave me another Idea so im scrapping that also is it ok to post images of my game?

I’m not sure, that may be considered off topic. If you are using those pictures to ask for suggestions, go ahead.

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Still need help with other parts

Do you know how to use terrain layers? If not, check out this guide:

Use boardwalk that’s above the water and land’s layer.

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can you please rate my lobby I want to know if I should add anything because I want this to look the best it can! :smile: check the top (just dont want to use up all my messages even though I have an acount but the school reset the pasword so i cant use as much messages)

Sure! Go ahead and post the picture.

The snowman is suposed to be funny because he is a beach area also why am i beging to be cloned there are five of me… Is this beacuse i have another map open with the survival island it is my device testing map Idk also I will decorate more tysm!

Alright. I recommend replacing the snowman with something else as it looks out of place for a beach area. Same thing with the sparkly flooring(idk what it’s called.) You can replace that with red plastic so it looks like a rug. Maybe you can have a small beach nearby? Decorate it with shells and palm trees. Also, the lobby looks kind of empty, so you should decorate it more. If you need ideas, place the instruction text on signs.

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No problem! Mark the solution please.

Sparkly Floors are called “Cinema Carpets”

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check the top I have those and I will update when I upgrade it

I already saw.

its updated i upgraded