Suggestions for Beach Map

I know it’s bad to ask for ideas on the forum, but I actually need them. I made a D-Day Invasion map that uses only 42%, and it has a lobby, boats, a breachable wall, assisting sentries, Allies/Axis tags, developer options, better weapons upgrades, notification for Allied troops left, hidden easter eggs, medics, etc. What more can I add to make it better? I was thinking of doing what some other people have done by adding different game modes (infection, etc.)

If someone dances, they die.

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Underground mazes!

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Add the battle of Stalingrad as level two

Like a sequel game? In the D-Day some of the water is pink…

You have 58% memory left. Stalingrad will probably fit.

Oh…Nice idea! I will do the voting thing for if players want to continue to the next level. (I have 42%)


make a car. Idk how tho, and you might not even be able to.

the only vehicle in creative is the tractor and the only thing that moves is people, so unless you have triggers everywhere in alleys that players run in while the tractors appear and disappear with a zone at the end to determine the winner, that’s very hard and would take memory, plus a pain to make @Dovidpro , so not the best idea, but still possible

why is it bad to ask for ideas?

The forums are more designed for questions about creative itself, rather than what to make in it.

oh ok
but no one got banned for doing that, so i guess @Jeffo thinks it ok

yeah, i kind of thought it would be hard

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