Stuck in Select

I can’t edit the items I can only select. I know I just have to refresh but I thought I would just show everyone as a harmless funny little bug. Whenever I press something I can’t edit it just selects.

Ah, my friend had that once. You just have to refresh, I don’t know how to fix it. Thanks for putting that in though.


I was showcasing it so the devs know about it and stuff

Oh ok I’ve done the same thing once and everybody said “Just refresh” .__.

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I had that once lol

Oh no! I forgot to do my duolingo lesson! :open_mouth: Please don’t attack me, duo :sob:


I need to close this so it doesn’t turn into a chat

@ShinyRiolu You can actually fix this by pressing alt once. No need to reload.

Duplicate of this topic:

Always search before you post.

Also, no one likes it when you mark your own post as the solution. It’s rude forum etiquette.


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