Strange Tagging Bug

so if i made them work on different channels, it might work?

So, if you made it in a certain order and you accidentally sent both messages, it could glitch.

I think. Try it.
Since it’s a different channel it should be easier to debug.

ok thank you i will test now

Advanced Update Order. If you placed down team 2’s tag zone first (or is it typed in team 2’s channel first) then Team 2’s zone will activate first, and there will be a glitch.

Anyways, I have to go. Bye!

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See you in a couple years!

i tested this and it didn’t work.


so should i just leave this unresolved? or just mark a solution

Unresolved for now.

Do the counters reset each cycle?


If repeaters can go every 45 seconds, try using those.

like repeat the tag zones off and on every 45 seconds?

Like have one repeater broadcast on “Turn on 1” every 90 seconds, with it broadcasting on game start as well. Make a repeater that turns off after 1 rep, and it should be 45 seconds. After this, make another repeater that is activated by the 45s repeater. This should be 90 seconds and unactive on game start. This should broadcast on “Turn on 2”. Use the ACO/AUO tips from earlier.

it won’t let me do a repeater only once. when i type 1, it automatically fills to 2

Is the broadcast on game start on for it?

do you mean the last option on the repeater when on all options, the one that says “trigger task on start”? because i turned that on, tried it, and it still autofilled to two, turned it off, tried it, and it still autofilled to two.

Ok. I don’t think it matters, though. That’s just to keep the code clean.