Strange Tagging Bug

i have a timer like tag domination that switches the team that is tagging. the timer works fine as far as I can tell, and when the timer for team 1 is over, it switches to team 2. when the timer for team 1 is over, it broadcasts a message that deactivates the team 1 tag zone and is supposed to activate the team 2 tag zone. but when i tested it, team 1 can tag team 2 while their tag timer is going, but when it is up and the team 2 timer starts, neither teams can tag each other

(tell me if I need to explain more, my explanation is a little long and confusing)

Are they both activated on the same channel? I feel like this is a user error (no offense)

(no offense taken, it probably is). no, but the team 1 tag zone is deactivated by the same channel that the team 2 tag zone is activated by.

The queerest thing… I’ve no clue.

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that’s fine. thank you for responding!

Is the tag zone for team two active on game start?


Can I see the settings for team twos tag zone?

do you mean this?

Can I see the timer and the channels?

And if you use block code I want to see it too.

ok, but the timer is a lot of devices, so to clarify, the trigger is what sends out the message.

i used block code to create the timer but didn’t use it to broadcast the message

So, it deactivated team one but doesn’t activate team two?


Its probably AUO.

The only thing I could think of is an ACO glitch where it also deactivated it at the same time and because of the order you created them it doesn’t’t work

what does that stand for again?

AUO is advanced update order, ACO is advanced channel order

ok thank you.