Stopping lasers help needed

like rektrainbow said


yep, that’s the guide i looked at. ig i got the wrong one …
but that one should work

thx haiasi

no its the same it just uses a wire repeater and it should work just fine aswell


should i use the other guide or this oen

the one haiasi sent
if the other one didnt work then try that one

your choice idk

because the first still did not work at all

and the one u posted is confusing

the one haiasi posted isnt confusing
jst take ur time and read it
and please mark a solution once u find one

mark a solution if u found the answer, @bob !

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the and haiasi posted my laser just stayed on then off forever

hello i really need help

What are your wires and device settings?

rn i have nothing because when i tried the posted I unwired every thing

well the guide haiasi posted defintely works so u prob did smth wrong

I think he used another guide because he commented on it and some of the comments said it didn’t work

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yea that one did not work at all

thank you guys it worked

maybe mark someones post that actually helped?

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