Still have something to tweak :/

Everyone that helped last cab help again pls

Help with what?

ok im almost done! but i forgor how to do my player system

What player system? Player counter? Player respawner?

the one to split 1 from the rest

Oh, okay. Place down a relay and make it relay to “Random player”. Place down a lifecycle (no setting change) and wire it to the relay:

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs → (Relay) Relay Trigger

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@Here_to_help can u help?

Was my explanation unclear?

ok connect it to spawn pad?

What is going on? I don’t even know what you want me to tell you to do.

Connect it to a lifecycle. I also forgot to add something. Wire the relay to a team switcher which switches the player onto the team you want.

So, like this:

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs → (Relay) Relay Trigger.
(Relay) Relay Trigger → (Team Switcher) Switch player to configured team.

The relay must relay on behalf of a “random player” (you can find the option in the settings for the relay).

no its good for me :wink:

Okay, then mark my answer as a solution so the post automatically locks.

Sorry, thought it said its no good for me, not no its good for me

@Black was trying to get a random player on a team (like for amongus).

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ye OH btw its my bday :smiley:

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Black!