Stationary projectile

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If someone could find a consistent way to do this, it would be very much appreciated! I would be able to place bananas without a coord system. Any input is much appreciated!


I accidentally bumped into this post

I was browsing through the devices and I found the item spawner!!! Now just put an invisible laser when stepping on the item’s image!!!

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what? i’m confused


Put an invisible laser there.

Yeah but what if you wanted to place a projectile anywhere without using a coordinate system?

Yeah. That won’t work then.

That’s what ClicClac was asking about.

Oh Ok

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I think this is still worth testing…

Despite the fact that it was likely a glitch, this would be REALLY cool if we could pull it off.

Alright. Do you have any ideas?

nope :smiley:

gonna test tomorrow if i remember though

Wow, this idea sure was something.

I was wondering if you could simulate some lag to see if you could replicate a floating projectile. I think this may have to do with how projectiles render and update.

update: tried zones, switching on and off, player vs global scoped, nothing worked.
gonna try lag machines now

stupid ground item limit >:(

another update: next text is auo zapper machine gun, we’ll see how that goes

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You could try activating a large amount of textboxes or sentries and then shooting your gadget to try to freeze the screen creating a stationary projectile till your screen stops freezing

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This is going to be fun trying to make a lag machine. I would recommend an awkwardly fast shooting stack of sentries using the quantum machine gun method that constantly shoots at each other.

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I prefer item granters set to 99999999 (or whatever the cap is) spammed on a recursive trigger clock

you can softlock the game like that :smiley:

Hmm… what about waaay too many operations at once…

i just hope blockly isnt optimized well enough to detect identical operations