Stationary Projectiles

I don’t know how exactly this happened, but I was doing one of my games, and while playtesting, I found a stationary evil eye projectile. When I walked into the projectile, I took damage. I have a couple guesses on how this happened, but I just think it is quite interesting.


Did your screen freeze or did you have a high speed and walked into it?

Find a way to recreate it, could be a fun glitch.

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yea im trying to do it

I think 4.00 is max speed

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ok i tested it and it didnt work
i dont think you can hit yourself with your own projectiles
(even tried with quantum portal)

It was a sentry projectile.

That was frozen in place.

Oh ok

What do you mean by “illegal device system”

Because it uses properties with checkers and waypoints, the most broken combination.


If you can replicate this…

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I’ve tried replicating this, but instead, found two more bugs

  1. if you put a zone that deactivates gadget fire, add two buttons, with them activating and deactivating the zone, after you put a sentry in the zone, then activate the zone, then you deactivate the zone, the sentry still wont fire
  2. if you put a barrier that is inactive on start, then add a button that activates it, then when a bullet passes into the barrier area, activate the button, the bullet will continue to pass through despite the barrier “blocking” bullets

Nice finds! However, I think I can (possibly) describe what is going on.

  1. This one is quite cool. Just go to #2
  2. I think this is because barriers work from the outside in, not the inside out. For example, I once accidentally had my teleporter inside the safe zone of the flag, which is a barrier (essentially). You can move within and exit, but once you exit you cannot enter again. So I think the barrier is working from the outside in, so the bullets are not affected whilst in the barrier.
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  1. Sentries can’t update. They only keep track of health.

I thought about that, but I doubted myself.

Don’t doubt yourself (other people, just not yourself.)
Think of the ways a teleporting sentry behaves.

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I can move around inside barriers when I teleport there. The boundary is the only thing that ‘blocks’ anything.

Kinda what I said when I was talking about the flag.