Stair Layering (stuff)

I built this.
I only built the rails for the stairs, but what i’m trying to build but i got confused on was when i’m trying to make the stairs.
How do i make this?

would you mind elaborating on your predicament?

I’m trying to make like stairs that are layered to make it look like the stairs you’ll see in real life, but i got confused making it.

could yousend another picture of it
and have you tryed the layers button on the top left of your screen?

try this guide and see if it horks

Which way do you want the stairs? Top down, left right, right left?

I did use layers. It just didn’t fit in well considering that i’m making my whole game dark.


did you try making it so the signs had not colision?

The way you would go up the stairs.

i have to go hope you figure it out :slight_smile:

from what view do you want to look at stairs, Bird side view?, Cross section?, 3d?

well you must go up those stairs weird XD

You just… go down. Since i’m currently upstairs.

Like I said which one?

Can you please tell me what Bird side view and cross section view is?

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How I created my stairs


@FersionSpeedy Hope this helps!


bird side view is looking from above

and cross section is a side view of it

I would use like coblestone maybe