Sprinting Mechanic

This guide will detect when the player wants to sprint and broadcast on “Activate Sprint” when the player presses a movement button twice. No pics due to GKC servers down. Since I haven’t tested this, its probably very buggy.

Testing out a new method of guides called an interaction map:

Movement Manager>edits> Property >triggers> start trigger >triggers> sprint check trigger (Delay .5)> triggers > movement check trigger

start trigger>activates> movement check trigger
start trigger> deactivates> movement check 2

Property >activates> movement check 2

movement check trigger >triggers> movement check 2>broadcasts on “Activate Sprint”


nice guide! but remember (for the new peeps) pictures are powerful!

ooooooo cool!


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oh no! i´ve been caught for not reading the entire thing (runs away)


Nice guide, @getrithekd!

This is rad…cant wait to test this!

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But you won’t be able to until the server is back up…

Amazing guide @getrithekd.
Also I am happy that gimkit is back up. :partying_face:

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Its up. I don’t think it works rn though.


Oh yeah. I just checked it is now.

Why not? Im on a creative map rn


Sorry i just read that…I didnt see it before i asked

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You don’t need a property, just use overlays and speed modifers

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Yeah, I was going to say that too, but this should work too.

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It’s sprinting without a button, so if you double click the up arrow, you’ll sprint.

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