Speed Help for the map (Resolved)

For my MK8D map, I need to have the speed constantly changing depending on things like which powerups you have, what build you have, and stuff like that.

I already have a few ideas, such as:

  • 4.0 for Starman
  • Alternating between 0.0 and 0.5 for drift
  • Above 2.0 for Rocket Start

Other than that, I have no idea! What speeds should I use to have good game balance, and to make it fun?

I need…

  • Different speeds for different karts (Slow, Med, Fast)
  • Speed for certain items (Lightning, 10 coin, mushroom)

How fast should each kart go, like “pretty fast” or “faster than average”…

Do you play Mario Kart? All of the karts are based off of things from the game.


Alright then.

I have four karts.

One is balenced in all stats.

One is really slow, but has great acceleration.

One is really fast, but has horrible accelration.

The fourth is exactly the same as the first, but purple.

The balanced one should stay 2 ± 0.5 in speed.

The slow one with great acceleration can be 0.5 + 2.5

The fast one with horrible acceleration can be 2.75 + 0.25


For the lightning, you should go about 0.5 in speed and for mushroom you should go 3.0 in speed but decelerate fast after about 1 seconds.


Each coin increase speed by .1

great idea! just need an inventory item manager to see how much cash (for coins) you have, and update a property. then have block code to add on default speed with that property * 0.1. But you would need a speed modifier for every 0.1 interval.

I think 75% of the storage space on a mariocart map would be speed modifiers anyway lol


I have another question. Where are you getting all the map slots for these projects? Did you get the gimkit pro trial or something?

Purple? Also are you planning to add ramps?

i forgot this was happening so gims will have more mechanics soon

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer! I wanted to give you a heads-up that all Gims are going to be slightly redesigned as we head into the new school year. The designs aren’t complete yet, but we’re going to be adding a line separation between the body and legs of a Gim. The reason for this is that it makes our Gims a lot easier to animate. Right now, the only animation for Gims is running. If we wanted to add a new animation (like sliding for example), our artists would have to go back through every single Gim and design by hand their sliding animation. By separating the legs and body, we’re able to actually just design one new animation, and have that instantly work across all Gims! We tried really hard to keep the design of the Gims the same, but unfortunately it just wasn’t possible. Anyway, this is all in service of opening up Gimkit for more kinds of unique gameplay mechanics (as right now Gims are stuck with running or standing). A tradeoff for what should be an exciting road ahead!



The difference is minimal. It s
till looks the same.

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I hate this so much (clear gims will be disgusting)

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I also like the old one more, but the new one is fine. At least we can have more animations.


That is true. Maybe they could
add a jumping mechanic, or emotes.

true, but horizono is ruined

along with Glass Half-full and Snowsphere

Gradient (my fav) is ruined :frowning: