Spacey Alien Planet Help

So I am doing the Kat’s level on the forum-based platformer and was wondering what would make this more “spacey”. I am not looking for sci-fi like 1WO, but more like alien planetish.

@Kat_aronii’s exact words were: purple grass, space-like
Also, part of this level will use low gravity, what speed should the player have for low grav mode?


Maybe use barriers with no collision to make the background Black? You can also put white circle barriers for stars.

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Oooh maybe alien plants like from 1WO.

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add things called galaxies and moons to it. They are colorful and will be a perfect filler.



That looks neat. I’ll have to experiment with barriers though to figure out how to make it so “swirly”[1]

  1. For lack of better words ↩︎

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yep try making the background like that and add the moons near the bottom.

I don’t know how I feel about it

i don’t see the galaxy…

yeah its a struggle there are already too many barriers and layer. It is difficult

Looking good!

oh ok :)

maybe make the barriers the behind layer,
one a dark purple (for a sky)
and different shades of purple circular barriers.
some text for stars, and maybe fake checkpoints also

What a less transparent barrier in the behind layer (for a sky/galaxy thing) work, with a purple transparent barrier over everything. I think it would be cool if everything was bathed in a purple glow.

What speed would work better for lower gravity?

1 or 1.5 because you slow fall but you go far while being slow

something like this should work:

it looks alright imo
but it could still work
more added on to it:

How are you so good at that?
What transparently did you use?
And RGB is possible?
It looks really good

the back barrier transparency(sky):

the rest of the barriers were 0.70
and I used this text for the star:

and I made it a light purple

(you could add some really light purple -almost white, or close to that- and add it to the circles and stars to make a glow-like effect)


Is there a way to make it so they are faster while they are in the air and slower while they are on the ground?

Any other props besides alien plants, bushes, and trees?