SORRY! Gimkit Edition (Trigger & Block Warning) Difficulty 5/10 🟨

Scratch what I said, I’m making my own card game in Gimkit!!!

BUMP @max1’s featured topic!

Sorry! I just bumped into this guide!

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It’s OK…

I should combine this with _____Land

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That would be pretty cool. Right now I’m working on a rock paper scissors guide, so this all goes in the mini games category

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I’m a bit new to this but…


I just bumped into your guide, that was a mistake, sorry [1]

  1. not actually lol ↩︎


Always love a good ol’ board game!

Nooo I got bumped back to my starting place in Sorry.

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is this completely finished?

It looks done. So if you need to replicate it just do so (but don’t forget about concat like getrithekd mentioned on the first comment).

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getrithekd’s block code looks like this:

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