Sonic boss ideas?

I need help making Sonic boss battles for my 2D Sonic mode. Can someone help me? I need bosses for these 3:

Screenshot 2024-05-22 11.51.09 AM
-Giant Eggman Robo

Screenshot 2024-05-22 11.50.36 AM
-Labyrinth Zone boss (Sonic 1 8-bit)

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-De@th Egg Robot

I don’t want them to take up too much memory, but I also want them to have some detail and be SLIGHTLY hard bosses. Can someone help me?

Wow, this finally has a use!
Have you tried the How to make Sonic The Hedgehog in Gimkit Creative Platforming guide?

Yeah, but the bosses are to simple and easy. Besides, those bosses only have you fight Eggman’s henchmen and not Eggman himself, so I wouldn’t really consider those Eggman boss fights. However, if I have no other choice left, I might have to use one of these.

Does it need to be animated, and is it top-down or platformer @Dee_Show ? :PP

do the spider boss
or robotnik with the big checkered ball thing

Not completely animated, just a little bit. And it is a platformer.

says a weak yay

Sigh thought so. I’ll start with probably the easiest one, “Eggman Submarine”

Thanks! Also, if you want you can animate it, I just don’t want it to be too complicated.

I’m about to leave, so I’ll send you a picture tomorrow as it is not finished, and if you like some instructions as well~
This is what I have so far @Dee_Show :PP

Yes please, I’d like instructions. Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to give you a shoutout once the game releases! Can’t wait to see the full thing!

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Those seems a bit too simple.

Any more progress on the Eggman Submarine boss fight?

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Hey, sorry late res had some tech issues (Gimkit crashed). Yeah, making progress almost done~

.▀█▀.█▄█.█▀█.█▄.█.█▄▀ █▄█.█▀█.█─█
─.█.─█▀█.█▀█.█.▀█.█▀▄ ─█.─█▄█.█▄█

Maybe try having four (or 9) sentry’s together

IDK which would be better so you guys pick

  • 4 Sentry’s
  • 9 Sentry’s
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@Dee_Show Here is my result, granted I don’t do barrier art very often, but I think this result is pretty good.
How you can make this a boss fight is by putting a giant invisible barrier over the Eggman and making it damageable, when the barrier runs out of health, you can hide the Eggman from view, giving the illusion of it being defeated.
You can put up a zone around the missi|e to damage players, and if you want, I can rig the missi|e to move for you if you like.

Let me know if you like it before I make the instructions

@Dee_Show I have a pretty nice animation but it is a bit extreme… I think it would be best if you were to make a game out of this that we should collaborate as I am not shure you would like to do this mess XD. But if you want to do this by yourself that is a-ok

if you are interested in a collab my email is in my bio :PP

Edit: I am logging off
@Dee_Show Ping me in a continued topic or som like that

I like it! Though I was going to use a Stache-styled sentry for Eggman’s head, this is pretty cool nonetheless! I’ll just add some dialogue before the beginning of the fight if that’s okay. THX!

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No, the whole game may be to complicated to be finished by myself, so I’ll collaborate with you on this.

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