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On my Summer’s MM2 game there are multiple murderers and multiple sheriffs, even though I set the team randomizers to random player. And the game ends when the Sheriff dies. How do I fix this?

In other words:
One player goes to Murderer
One player goes to the Sheriff
And the rest goes to Innocent.

How do I do this?

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The relay is probably getting triggered multiple times, how are you triggering it?

I used this guide:
How to setup teams for Among Us | Difficulty: :green_square:
Screenshot 2024-01-23 11.58.21 AM

If you followed the guide exactly it should work but try putting another relay with random player after the first.

What do you mean by, “after the first?”

Have two relays one triggering the next, it’s a trick I’ve learned to quick fix a relay getting triggered multiple times.

like this

Will this work for another role as well?

It should.

can we see the relay settings?

Or you can make the people spawn in a random place whenever you want them to? ( if that’s not what you’re talking about… Sorry for the misunderstanding. )

This is about team switching
be sure to read the replies next time

Is the game settings set to cooperative?

What would be the settings for the second lifecycle?
What are the wiring?

Sorry it took me so long

Settings would be the same and so would the wiring.

So explain to me what would happen?

What do you mean?

Er----like, why would I have a second lifecycle?
The lifecycle does game start, then the relay chooses a random player, but then the lifecycle chooses another player. Why so?

I don’t understand why it’s not working so I’m wondering if for some reason it’s not broadcasting for just one random player. This would at least eliminate that as a possibility making it that the relay is being triggered multiple time.

Set out 3 team switchers and 2 relays.
At the start of the actual map, have everyone be switched to team 3. This will be the innocents. Then, set both relays to ‘random player on specific team’(Team 3). At the start of the round, have one broadcast on ‘murd.’ and one broadcast on ‘sher’. Have the team switchers set accordingly, with ‘murd’ being Team 1 (Murderer) and ‘sher’ being Team 2 (Sheriff). Have everyone else stay on Team 3, as they will continue to be innocent. Set everyone else back to team 3 at the end of the round.
I recommend not hooking the team switchers up to a ‘game start’ device if you want a lobby area because then, you’d have to end and restart the map instead of being able to do many rounds in a row.