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Thanks for replying. Before this is marked as a solution, let me explain my game.

The round has a lobby, and when the game starts everyone gets their roles.
When the murderer (team 1) is knocked out, the game ends.

How do I make everyone innocent on game start without using a lifecycle?

Wait doesnt the game not end when sheriff dies?

You should make it so sheriff dies it drops its gun

and to make it work so no innocent drops one do a checker that checks for item then drops it

You mean a randomiser?

Uh–yeah, I did that, @Gimkitsuggestor. [Sheriff (team 2) drops item upon knockout] And, yes I’m using @cheesebox’s idea. Random roles.

I just need it so that on game start everyone is on team 3, but at the same time it switches two players to murderer (team 1) and sheriff (team 2). But WITHOUT a lifecycle.

Hmmmm Thats a great question maybe use the randomiser but the choice of that chance of being murderer or sheriff turns off

or just make a dark room with teleporters everywhere that when teleported into creates a barrier around it so no more can get in and game will start when counter has reach 0 if you make it count players so then there you go

If the game is set to co-op then you can have team one be the innocents.

Um–I think it works now! Okay, thanks for helping! :slight_smile: :grin:
@cheesebox @Gimkitsuggestor

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This won’t be a problem, though, since players can only hold one item.

no no its the thing for the knockout manager so it makes sure it kills right player since it might not work correctly so when innocent killed it might drop a gun so you need a checker to make sure right guy drops item

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Yes, I used block code only for Team 2.
If players team number = 2
Do broadcast message on channel that grants -1 of the item.

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so did my dark room work?

I haven’t tried it, but that sounds like something I’ll look to in the future. Thanks for the idea, @Gimkitsuggestor.

and maybe if someone teleports somewhere it makes a zone that if someone else ends up there it reteleports just another suggestion for later

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Thanks. I’ll look into that!

remember to atleast credit us in game please!

I will! Thanks for helping!

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