Some cool game ideas please

So I’ve been a mainly been a battle Royale creator but I’ve dabbled in dungeon crawlers but that’s like the extent of my genres. And I have been wanting to make an original map idea that NOT based on an already existing game. Thank you in advance for all the responses.

Maybe an escape room game I personally have not seen any of those.

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I have seen some but it seems like a good idea thx

Hehe here you go from WhereIsMyHat:


I’ve looked at it already but I want a more specific game idea not rlly a genre

Build to survive

Buy sentries, lasers, and upgrade your defenses. Last against the zombie horde for as long as possible. (You can add your own twist on how it works, like upgrades, blocks, map, etc.)

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Coming up with your own game idea is part of the fun! Asking for a specific game idea isn’t really something I think people should be asking in help topics as usually it is something they don’t need help with. They just didn’t give it any thought. Most people think for ten seconds and can only come up with unoriginal ideas and ask the forum. I see it all the time. The most interesting games are the ones that nobody has played before! Nobody finds a new capture the flag game interesting because it will be the same as all the others but with a different map. Give it some more thought. Maybe go on YouTube and search “indie games” as they always have unique ideas that can inspire you (note the emphasis on inspire). If you’re still stuck, maybe you can come up with a general idea that you want, like a fast paced co-op game, and then ask the forum for further ideas! Whether you take my advice or not, good luck with your game! :+1:

Atleast you gave more detail than most people do :sweat_smile:

What happens to educational games? I got a few ideas about this topic?
One is save the kingdom from an unknown force and you need to know your English from grades 5-8! Even poetry!

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I might try to use this idea, but I will need lots of help cuz im not too great at making maps

Maybe War where you get hit by fighter jets and boats, and if you d*e you lose points

Make it so they travel to the future into an Apocalypse. Where they have to survive buy dodging sentries and harvesting materials to build lazers and upgrade their base like Txme_Lxss said

I could help you build it

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Maybe something Mario? Idk :\ ummm rn I’m making an super Mario 3d world