So I'm making a murder mystery map

I’m making a murder mystery map. I know this gets asked a lot like here

and many others but I need help to make the best one. It’s a beach theme and I’m trying to make it super complicated. Please, can you all help?

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Also, All Things Beach

ok this might work @trees but do you have anything else?

It’s a murder mystery on a beach place. It’s setting is at the beach

I know. I sent you a link to an all things beach guide.

oh ok

Secret areas that aren’t essential but would help would probably be nice, a chance of there being more than one murderer, dead bodies buried under the sand showing a murder had actually happened there before, a chance of two sheriffs, random things that feel like hints but aren’t actually, multiple endings, oranges after death (My favorite phrase), a chance of sharks appearing here and then when you get in the water (hidden sentries under props that look like sharks), and a chance somebody else become a murderer when the current one dies (can only happen once a round and cannot happen if there are two murderers).

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