So I'm making a boss

So, for a little map of mine, I want to have at least one boss battle. Any pointers on making one? Iโ€™m not looking for guides, just some tips.


Decorate it nicely! Use props to your advantage.

Use props, barriers, and emoijs to make your boss.
Make use of different devices for attacks.
Sentries could be hidden to make an attack with a lot of projectiles.
Lasers could be activated and deactivated at different intervals to make the battlegrounds dangerous.
The possibilities are endless!

Dragontamer sighting :0

Makes sure to have an indicator of laser attacks so the player has a chance of dodging them. This could be something like a prop that appears 2-3 seconds before the laser activates.


Make sure every attack is telegraphed and has significant startup and cooldown! Dragontamer! 4:

  1. Animating a starting sequence can help a lot
  2. Props to modify the sentry appearance can be used to signify phase changes.
  3. Maybe give the boss multiple phases, and add a small little gimmick between each phase.
  4. Do the standard laser attacks, max accuracy, max dmg sentry, respawn zones, ice mines, maybe a fire blast attack with massive radius, fire zone around the boss, a shield that you have to take down by defeating other sentries, etc. etc.
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Oh yeah! Maybe use the new text operations to make a psuedo-cutscene! I have a guide on the absolute basics.

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Thanks everyone! This is really helpful!

They said they donโ€™t need any guidesโ€ฆ