So how do I make it where people can put in questions and show to everyone playing?

so, I’m making a “would you rather” map and I need to have a thing where you can ask questions by putting in a text box thing, and everyone can see it how though?

Oh, this is hard. You can’t type well, but you can use a keyboard:

Use it for a question rather than a chat.

Keyboards are VERY HARD, but if you want it to be easier, you can use popups that have a question typed in them. you can do it in this guide:

How to make an easy in game chat difficulty :green_square: (4/10)

question can you edit this in game?

Nope, you can not, gimkit has not added a writing system in game without a in game keyboard.

Use block code to update a text device (I think its possible) then use 2 buttons called "yes and “no”

While you can have different questions using block code, you can’t actually type in game.