So guys... please help just please

So I was looking at this guide and I realize that I saw an aquarium in it and I tried making it didn’t like how it looks so I said this…

My map is called Explore Your New House! but I’m trying to put in more home decor but…
that’s where you guys come in clutch because I know there are some pretty good gimkit players in the forums soo…
If you can help me with decor thanks
and thanks for taking your time of reading this topic! :heart: :smile:

You guys please about to publish my game.

Make a fancy light and some house plants!

how do i make a fancy light @Fulcrum-19?

show me a picture of your aquarium.

i deleted bc the layers really confused me

did u go to gimgulps topic or only look at the picture

it was like i made the pole layer above and th-
idk honestly but i got really confused

what gimgulps topic

her topic was linked in the topic hat made.

oh ill check it out now but the one that i used was the link in the main post

ok @RektRainbow i checked but im looking for more like decorations

decorations for the tank or the house?

the house please

well look around your house
see what u can add
that is in gimkit
just dont overfill it
since then it will be a landfill more than a house.

ok but…
i was thinking on adding a soccer field or a basketball court

then that would be out of the house
and ur main part was fixing the aquarium
and u are exploring the house
so if u want to add more stuff outside u can
but jst
maybe stay focused on what you want now then things u can add later.
since after you are done and publish
u can still update ur maps

no like theres an outside and an inside…
but anyway im going to work a my map now

Here’s something I came up with! It uses mostly barriers and a rotated pitchfork for the stand!

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That’s a cool lamp!! I like the way you used the Pitch fork!!