Snow brawl 2 glitch

It keeps getting rid of my snowball to 0 snowballs but I set it to 16 snowballs.

@Finn when is it getting rid of your snowballs

when I start the game.

do you have a questioneir

Are you using the “Starting Inventory” Device?

Yes I have a starting inventory but when I set it to 16 I start the game it’s zero.

I answer questions 40 snowballs but still zero.

it’s connected to an item granter, right?

Yep it is but it’s glitching.

are you using wires or channels?

Wire I am using that one.

try using channels they are less glitchy

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Sure I will do that.

@Finn did it work :question: :grey_question: :interrobang:

Yeah! it works woo hoo ya.

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Nice dancing avocado picture.


that keeps happening to me too

nobody: the last of my braincells:

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